How to help your child with speech & language at home.

This parent guide is a great resource that includes a step-by-step guide to get you started in helping your child at home.  

Easy 5 Minute Activities for Busy Moms

Click on the image to download this handout for free to get 3 easy ways to boost your child's speech and language at home. Includes a guide for what skills can be targeted for each activity. 

Celebrate your child's communication strengths with this:

'What my child can do list'!  

Even if your child is struggling with speech & language, it's important to look at your child's strengths as well. This can give you a great place to start in helping your child.

This 5 page download includes: instructions, idea list for each area of communication and a form to fill out your child's strengths in each area:

-nonverbal communication

-speech sounds

-understanding language

-expressing language

-social interaction

Example: Is your child not yet talking in sentences? Take a step back and see what your child can do. Maybe your child uses 2 words at a time. Start there, practice lots of different 2 word sentences, (do more of what your child CAN do) and then build from that level. 


Your child's strengths (Simple heart version)

A free printable, with an area to list your child's strengths in the following  communication categories: nonverbal communication, speech sounds, understanding language, expressing language, social interaction.

Free Download (Heart Version)

Animal Attributes

Use these fun cards to teach your child animal names and important attributes about each animal. You can print and cut them out to play a fun matching game! 

Free Download!

What is speech? 

What is language? 

Learn the difference between speech and language.  Click the image to download for free.

Free Download!

The 'Umm' Game

This is a fun game to encourage speech and language development! You can adjust it to your child's level.

Download Umm Game PDF

How Parents Can Help

Learn 6 easy things you can start doing today to encourage your child to communicate.

Download PDF

Early signs for your Toddler

Here are pictures of the signs that I taught my own kids when they were little. They are the first signs I taught them (before they could talk). These are also the first signs I recommend that parents teach their little ones too!  Check out our blog post to learn in detail how best to use this resource.