A fun and easy way to help kids with speech and language.

  Videos are short (< 5 minutes) and slower paced to help your kids learn new concepts more easily. 

Each video focuses on early language concepts. Great for preschool aged kids!


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Hey SLPs!

Need a fun & easy therapy idea? I've got your back!  Shhhh....don't tell the kids. Yes, these short videos are silly and fun, but I created them especially for YOU.... Watch them in speech therapy to work on language goals. We even have full lesson plan packs ready to go.  Save yourself time and energy! Send printables to parents for home language practice.
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Sasha Correia MS, CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist & Creator of Socky & Puppy

 With over 20 years of experience as a SLP, I know how important early language development is for little ones. I wanted to create something fun & entertaining for kids, that would also be a super easy way for SLPs and parents to target specific language skills. I hope it will be an easy, ready to go, therapy tool that your kids love :)

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S2 Ep.5: All About Green

It's St. Patrick's Day and Socky & Puppy are looking for things that are green. Key concepts in this episode are: following directions, categories, and of course, the color green

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S2 Ep.4: Puppy Needs a Bath

It's almost Valentine's Day and It's bath time for Puppy! What items are needed for a bath? Puppy helps Socky get all the bath items needed but that doesn't mean Puppy wants to take a bath.

S2 Ep.3: Socky's Valentine's Day Cards

It's almost Valentine's Day and Socky has made some special Valentine's Day cards with hearts on them. As usual, Puppy is there to help as best as a puppy can. This video targets language skills like same/ different and concepts like: big/small, top/bottom.

S2 Ep.2: What I Love

Socky wants to talk about all the things he loves. Puppy also wants to share what he loves with Socky. Use this video to discuss with your kids the things they love. This video targets nouns, object functions, and 'what' questions.

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S2 Ep.1: The Balloon

Socky's balloon is stuck way "up" high, or is it down? Socky sometimes confuses the two.  Puppy is always ready to help, although things really start to "lift off" when Socky asks Puppy to hold his balloons. Practice the concepts of 'up' and 'down' in this episode. 

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Season One: Bloopers!

Filming with Socky and Puppy hasn't always been smooth over the last 10 episodes. Watch what happens with Socky and Puppy when things don't always go as planned. Thanks for joining us for season one!

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Episode 10: Snow

It's snowing outside! Socky & Puppy want to play in it but it's too cold! Watch what happens when Socky lets Puppy outside to play with the squirrel. This episode is a fun way to work on inferencing and concepts like: inside and outside.

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Episode 9: Counting Apples

Practice counting and saying numbers (1 - 3). Socky is working on counting apples but Puppy keeps interrupting.  Puppy is trying hard to help Socky, but Socky doesn't realize it.  This episode is a fun way to practice counting and saying numbers 1, 2 & 3. 

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Episode 8: 'Twas the night before Christmas

This special episode of Socky & Puppy features a modified version of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, by Clement Clarke Moore.  Socky changed some of the words to this poem to make it special for Puppy.

Episode 7: Decorating A Tree

It's time for Socky and Puppy to decorate their Christmas Tree! Will Socky notice when Puppy puts his ball in the tree instead of an ornament? Practice counting from 1 to 5, work on vocabulary words like: ornament, tree, decorate. Practice simple inferencing questions (i.e. What happened?)

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Episode 6: The Gingerbread Man

Socky is making a gingerbread man cookie with the help of Puppy. When Socky isn't looking, somehow, parts of the gingerbread man go missing. Practice learning and saying basic body parts.

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Episode 5: The Present

Socky loves to open things but isn't always sure what can open and what can't. When a present arrives Socky isn't sure what to do, as always, Puppy is there to help. Practice saying, "open".

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Episode 4: The Scary Blanket

Socky has a scary blanket in his room. If only he could find Puppy to help him out, it would be a lot less scary. See what Socky does when the blanket starts acting strangely familiar. Practice spatial concepts, like, "under". 

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Episode 3: Puppy's Ball

Socky can't find Puppy and he needs your help. Maybe if he can find Puppy's ball he can find Puppy. Practice questions like, "when". 

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Episode 2: Puppy Likes It

It's time to feed Puppy, but Socky isn't sure what puppies like to eat. With a little help from Puppy they figure it out together. Target food and animal vocabulary and simple sentences with a starter phrase.

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Episode 1: Fall is Here

In our very first episode Socky and Puppy are at the park enjoying fall but when puppy falls there is some confusion over the meaning of the word fall. Target vocabulary and introduce the concept of multiple meaning words.

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