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I live in the Pacific Northwest (Washington state) with my husband and 3 kids. I love spending time with my family and friends, hiking, being outdoors, and having fun family movie nights at home.  I have worked as a SLP in the schools for over 17 years and although I love working in schools and with students, I wanted to find a better way to help give parents the support they need to help their own children at home - which is why I started this website! Working in schools, I always wished I had more time to spend with parents in helping them implement the most effective techniques to help at home. I had so much information to share, but not enough time to help them implement and follow through.

I can identify with parents concerned about their own kids. When my son was little, he was a 'late talker' and he also went through a period of developmental stuttering around age 4, so I had to break out all the speech therapy tricks that I knew and do them with him.  I was able to help him significantly and thankfully he made wonderful progress and is a very talkative boy today :) 

I created this site to provide parents with the support they need to help their own kids at home. When I needed to help my son, I knew exactly what to do because I was already a SLP!  So, if you want to help your own child, but you don't happen to be a SLP, that's ok! You can help, you just need to learn the right things to do and you can be very effective in helping your own child.  My goal is to provide resources & support for busy parents who don’t have time to do all the research themselves and need to learn simple, effective speech and language techniques.

If you are a busy parent and want to learn how and what to do to help your child, you are in the right place! You will find simple tips and advice on what really works and things you can implement right away! You will also find free resources, training, and even step-by-step support to keep you on the right track as you get started on your communication journey with your child.

Welcome and let’s start communicating! :)

- Sasha Correia M.S. CCC-SLP