I live in the Pacific Northwest (Washington state) with my husband and 3 kids. I love spending time with my family and friends, hiking, being outdoors, and having fun family movie nights at home.  I have worked as a SLP in the schools for over 18 years and although I love working in schools and with students, I wanted to find a way to help other SLPs and parents with easy to implement ideas to support speech & language skills - which is why I started this website!

We know how effective play is for learning. So, I wanted to create fun, yet effective ways for parents and SLPs to help their kids. Being silly, fun, and animated is not always easy to do, doesn't come naturally to everyone, and let's face it- it can be exhausting at times!! But, it's a great way to engage our little ones who are struggling with their speech and language skills. It's also hard to know exactly what to do, besides just 'play' to make your time most effective. I've created some fun materials that do the 'heavy lifting' for you and take the pressure off of you, so it's clear and simple what to do so you can easily engage those little ones. 

Whether you are a busy parent or a SLP strapped for time, I hope you will find some helpful and easy to implement tools that your kids will love. 

I think you will love them too because it will make your life easier and will make you look like the rockstar SLP or parent that you are :)

Welcome and let’s start communicating! 

- Sasha Correia M.S. CCC-SLP