Blossoming Speech, a monthly parent resource to get your child talking is now available!


Blossoming Speech is a monthly digital magazine packed with activities, helpful tips, and resources. 
These early language activities and target words are designed & strategically chosen by a Speech Language Pathologist to be most effective for parents trying to get their child talking at home!   


Along with the monthly magazine, you get a weekly email that includes daily activities with a theme to make it easy to focus on one thing at time.
I have made it super simple for you to succeed at home with speech & language by doing all the planning for you!
Just follow the activity suggestions for each day to boost your child's speech and language and get your child talking! 


Current issues are created for early talkers at the pre-talking, or single word level (approximate ages 1-3 years). 

*More age levels coming soon!


Subscription Includes:

  • Blossoming Speech Monthly Digital Magazine
  • Weekly email with daily activities
  • Book of the month guide
  • Words of the month
  • Fun activity of the month
  • Helpful articles & tips
  • All for only 9.99/mo
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